What This Site Is… and Isn’t

This is a site for ordinary Americans interested in taking positive action to:

1) promote progressive legislation at local, state and national levels;

2) stop the Republican Party and its Tea Party allies from further poisoning our political discourse with their lies, bigotry, ignorance and complete disrespect for the Constitution and the democratic process.

We’re not lobbyists, we’re not rich, we’re not professional political campaigners. We’re ordinary Americans hoping to see the greatest nation in the world remain great — not by hoarding its wealth in the hands of a few but by increasing economic opportunity to all.

We’re ordinary Americans appalled at the deliberate tactics of fear and bigotry used by Republicans and Tea Partiers to distract voters from intelligent discussion about urgent matters of social and economic reform.

Each day we see an elected official or candidate cynically twist facts, hear an outrageous lie on Fox News, witness the latest Republican legislative attempt to sabotage the rebuilding of the country they gutted for eight years under Bush-Cheney.

What can we do to make our voice heard? How to counter the lies and stop the madness?

We can speak up. It’s easy. You keep the message simple and direct. And send it directly to the media and to your elected officials.

Your objective is three-fold:  (1) let your elected officials know how you feel on the issues, (2) use logic and common sense to influence other voters in supporting progressive causes, (3) vent your emotions in a positive way.

This site is not a debate forum. If you don’t believe in progressive politics and President Obama’s efforts to institute badly needed reforms to our economy, environment, healthcare and educational systems, don’t bother writing in. Time is too precious, our country’s democracy is in peril.

However, if you have useful comments about how to spread the progressive message and counter Republican and Tea Party destructiveness, we’d love to hear from you:  1bigsoul@gmail.com.

Action Items is a page containing concise letters on issues that you can adapt and send to your local media and elected officials. New News has current media stories of political interest.

This site will not contain position papers on issues. So many other sites explain current issues in more detail (start with the New York Times). We’ll point you in their direction — Good Articles, Good Comments, Handy Stats.

Many people and organizations are working hard to make this country live up to our ideals of Peace and Justice for all. You’ll find some of them at Good Links.


Topical Musings has op-eds and random thoughts; feel free to circulate and/or quote from them.

Most of all, get involved and stay attentive… electing President Obama was a major step forward for this country that had so long prided itself as a paragon of democracy and true equality —

But now the Republican/Tea Party assault on civic trust and responsible government threatens the future of America as a functioning society.

If you think this year’s hate-filled campaigning is bad,  it’s only going to get worse … unless we speak up.

So, please USE THIS SITE to spread knowledge.

And pray that knowledge may spread and blossom into sanity and a United States of genuine peace, prosperity and justice for everyone.   # # #


1 Response to What This Site Is… and Isn’t

  1. Rebecca Williams says:

    I look forward to the progressive discourse!


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