It’s 11 o’clock… do you know where your nuke plants are?

It’s 11 o’clock… do you know where your nuke plants are?

We’ve got 104 of them in the continental U.S., and this is where they are:

The second map shows the plants in relation to recent earthquakes.

They’re talking now about the possibility of evacuating 12 million people from Tokyo, which is 150 miles away from the dying Fukushima nuke plant.

According to the U.S. map, I’m 60 miles south of one plant and 80 miles north of another. A third is 70 miles to the southwest, as the radiated crow flies.

What, me worry?

* * * * *

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“Yes, please, I’d like to order a six-pack of kosher rutabagas… just enough for 3 days, thanks.”


* Fat Johnny artwork by Lino M


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