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Write to to your local newspapers…

amazingly, voters still are influenced by what they see on an Editorial Page.


Oct. 21, 2010

Dear Editor,

Americans overwhelmingly voted for change in the 2008 Presidential and Congressional elections.

Yet Republican Congressmen have consistently thwarted and sabotaged every attempt by President Obama and the Democrats to rebuild our country after eight years of Republican negligence and corruption.

In flagrant disregard for bi-partisanship and the expressed will of the people,Republicans have voted no to new jobs, no to improved roads and bridges, no to healthcare, no to securities and bank reform, no to education and foreclosure assistance, no to safety regulations on coal mines and oil drilling and no even to President Obama’s tax cuts for the middle class.

According to U.S. Votes Database, New Jersey’s five Republican Congressmen have voted against the President’s reform agenda a collective average of 89.32% of the time.

That means they’ve voted against the working people of New Jersey and America nearly 9 votes of 10.

It’s time to send the Republican Party and their Tea Party allies the clearest message possible that Americans want positive change and economic growth now.

Vote Democratic on Nov. 2 and get our nation back on the right track.


Lawrence Ervin McCullough
Woodbridge, NJ

*** SEND a letter like the one ABOVE to your local newspapers.
To find voting records of your local and state Representatives and Senators look here:


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